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3 Bathrooms, 1 Laundry, 1 Kitchen & 1 Kitchenette later, all for a new home and you may ask, would I use Brian Grants again? Of course I would.

For us the building process was long. I first contacted Allan some 2 years prior to making any firm orders. There was a lot of planning and communication that took place in those 2 years. At one stage Allan commented that he had never met/nor spoke with my husband. During the building process I never felt intimidated; anything I didn’t understand was accompanied with an explanation or a sketch. If my husband had any questions I was able to contact my designer via e-mail or phone and always received a reply.

The installation phase was also very smooth. The workshop arranged a day and time to come and they were there. At times my work commitments had to be juggled, if there was to be a change with installation I was always given plenty of notice.

The stainless steel benchtops were made off site, again each time workmen were scheduled to visit for templates/fittings I was notified and the workers arrived on the day and time that had been arranged.

I really liked the fact that some of the cabinetmakers who made the cabinets in the workshop were onsite to fit them. An opportunity for them to see their skill in a finished environment. The boys were very clean and left the site ready for the next day.

No task seemed to faze them. An incorrect coloured bath was delivered, Grant realised before I did and contacted me straight away. He then drove from Ipswich after hours and scrambled about a building site in the cold and dark and the situation was resolved.

Now, when I visit places I always compare the quality of the sliding drawers and realise that what was standard for us is actually very good quality.

I am thrilled with the quality of the benches/cabinets we have in our home. The taps, shower roses, laundry taps, basins, toilets and baths were all supplied by Brian Grants and we couldn’t be more impressed with their professional approach.